Drupal Training

Course Duration: 15 Days

Drupal Training by industry experts from Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, India

Drupal Training Global I-Matrix Software Solutions is able to establish its stance as one of the best Web Development Companies in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, India, which is even proving its significance as an Training Institute in Hyderabad. Our Trainings in PHP, Joomla, Drupal, CodeIgniter, has already proved to be best in Hyderabad and now we are looking forward to keep our words in delivering superb quality and high subject expertise to our students.

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Many individuals and organisations are using Drupal to create professional websites to suit their custom requirements, so based on the industry requirement and job opportunities we provide best drupal training from dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, India along with enabling our students work and practise on live Projects of company.

Online Drupal Training by professionals from Hyderabad :

We not only Provide classroom training but also established a niche in giving Online Training to national and international candidates. We provide state of art infrastructure like lab facilities, industry mentor and live Project training under supervision of our faculty. At Global iMatrix students can get guaranteed exposure and a successful platform to come up in life !!

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Our institute for Drupal training in Hyderabad offers Week end classes, so that even working professionals can give enough time to learn Drupal through our expert Drupal trainer. It is worth notifying that prior knowledge in PHP is an added advantage, but in no case a necessity.

What can be a best place apart learning from real time industry experts!!

Drupal Course Content:

1. Drupal's requirements and how it works

2. What Can Drupal Do?

  • key terms in Drupal
  • Drupal's interface

3. Installing Drupal

  • Downloading and installing Acquia/Drupal on a PC

4. Drupal setup

  • Automating updates with cron
  • Setting up clean URLs
  • Backing up your Drupal site
  • Restoring your Drupal site from backup
  • Wiping your Drupal installation clean
  • Updating Drupal

5. Drupal Administration

  • Administration menu
  • Site information
  • Setting the theme

6. Managing Users

  • security and permissions
  • Controlling site access with user management
  • Creating users
  • Setting user profiles
  • Creating contact forms

7. Site's Identity

  • basic info pages
  • page layout
  • layout with blocks

8. Keeping your Site Running

  • Monitoring performance
  • Recovering from disasters
  • Improving administration

9. Building Content Nodes

  • nodes
  • Stories and article
  • blogs
  • forums
  • polls

10. Managing Site Content

  • Content categories
  • Exchanging content via RSS
  • Input filters
  • Comments
  • Site's Appearance with Themes and CSS
  • Choosing theme
  • Changing your theme's graphics
  • Finding and installing a new theme

11. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • modifying CSS files

12. Modules

  • Finding modules
  • Installing modules
  • Configuring modules

13. Must-Have Modules

  • Automated updates with poormanscron
  • Custom content types with CCK
  • Views

14. Menus

  • multilevel menus
  • custom menus

15. Drupal Data Fields

  • Content Construction Kit (CCK)
  • Creating new content types with CCK
  • Hiding the Body field
  • CCK field data in the Title field
  • CCK field placement
  • CCK's other features
  • other CCK field types
  • Date as a CCK field
  • Images as CCK fields
  • Connecting content to existing nodes

16. Taxonomies to categorize and group data

17. Views basics

  • Simple Views
  • Views interface
  • Adding fields to a view
  • Sort, Filter, and Field options in Views
  • View displays as pages, blocks, and RSS feeds

18. Appearance of Views

  • Overriding default settings
  • Attaching information to views
  • view appearances with grid, list, and table formatting
  • other basic display settings in Views
  • Control a view's appearance through CSS

19. More control with Views

  • Importing, exporting, and cloning views
  • Controlling access to views
  • built-in views
  • views arguments
  • views relationships
  • Putting Data into Other Forms
  • Exporting data in tabular form

20. the calendar modules

  • building a calendar page
  • building a calendar block
  • creates events for calendar

21. Multilingual Support system

22. Panel and Layout

23. SEO Checklist

24. creating theme in drupal[custom themes or html to drupal theme]

25. Deployment of project into server