PHP with MySQL + Mini Project

Course Duration: 45 Days

PHP Training in Hyderabad India

Web Development Training We offer Professional PHP Training by industry experts at Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad.The first and foremost reason why Global iMatrix Software Solutions (P) Ltd choose PHP is for its open source phenomenon. We don't require too many codes for building applications with PHP, besides this application is safe and secure to use.

We are Professional Web development company located at Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, India. We are pleased to inform you that our professional web developers are providing quality PHP training to Computer science Graduates. The emphasis is placed on learning core techniques and principles to create a solid foundation. Our full-experienced developers teach state-of-the-art Web technology and skill along with their professional know-how.Our PHP online training provides a complete knowledge about the PHP language and one can easily work on a project or create a web page using the PHP programming language.

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Our PHP Training is by real time working professionals:

With an increasing number of companies choosing PHP as their platform for building Web applications, there is a rising demand for skilled PHP professionals.

Our PHP trainers will train candidates in such a way that they fulfill present industry needs by letting our students do PHP Live Projects.We prepare them to be real software developer where they are able to fix existing code, develop new code to build web applications, document and be able to explain what their code or someone else code does.

What does our PHP training comprises of ?

Our PHP Training even include jQuery training, which is light weight multi browser JavaScript Library. Our Purpose of Adding jQuery in PHP Training is to make JavaScript usage much easier in web applications.Our course offers real- time examples and interactivity to provide a hands-on training experience, to sharpen your existing skills and add new ones.

PHP Online Training Hyderabad India :

PHP Online Training by industry experts: We do provide classroom and online PHP Training from dilsukhnagar, hyderabad, India with lab facilities. We are offering low-cost high quality Online PHP Training by real-time web developers with faculty experience, where you can earn fully practical knowledge on subject. We have prepared special course content as per web development company’s requirements. We focus on fundamentals and advance topics with 100% practical session.

After successful completion of PHP Training we even assist our students to avail best jobs in industry on PHP Platform with a pay that industry best provide. If you were searching for attain 100% Web Development skills than you are at right place as who can train you best else than an industry expert !!!

What can be a best place apart learning from real time industry experts!!


PHP Course Index

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Ajax
  • jQuery
  • Mini Project Guidance
  • MVC Architecture


  • Introduction
  • HTML Syntax & Structure
  • Body Formatting Tags
  • Text Formatting Tags
  • Listing Elements
  • Hyper Links & Anchor Tags
  • Working with Images
  • Working with Tables
  • Working with Forms

2. CSS

  • Introduction to CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
  • Usage of Classes & IDs
  • List of CSS properties
  • Working with DIV elements
  • Designing Web Pages

3. Javascript

  • Introduction
  • Syntax & Standards for writing JavaScript
  • Pop-up messages and notifications
  • Working with Strings & Arrays
  • Functions
  • DOM (Document Object Model) Elements
  • Events Handling
  • How to Validate Forms

4. PHP

  • Introduction
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Syntax
  • Working with Variables, Constants & Comments
  • Expressions & Operators
  • Control Structures
  • Functions
  • Working with Arrays, Types and Array Functions
  • Working with Strings and String Functions
  • Pre-Defined Functions Usage
  • Working with Files
  • Working with Forms
  • Sessions & Cookies
  • Mail Sending
  • Error Handling
  • Object Oriented PHP

5. MySQL

  • Introduction to MySQL & MySQL Interface
  • Database Creation
  • Create, Modify & Delete Tables and Table Structures
  • How to Insert, Update & Delete Records
  • Writing MySQL Queries
  • Queries using Joins
  • Working PHP with MySQL
  • CRUD in usage

6. Ajax

  • Introduction
  • How to Create, Send & Process XMLHttpRequest
  • Examples using Ajax with PHP

7. jQuery

  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Installation & Usage of jQuery
  • Syntax
  • Handling events with jQuery
  • Adding Effects
  • Using Ajax with jQuery
  • Miscellaneous Topics

8. Mini Project Guidance

  • Project Life Cycle
  • Project Planning
  • Stages in Project
  • Main Modules in Project

9. MVC Architecture

  • Introduction
  • Various MVC Frameworks
  • Uses of MVC Frameworks