An Introduction To Knowledge Graph

Posted on 05th Apr 2018 07:04 PM

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The Knowledge graph is a system started by google in may 2012. The main aim behind introducing it is because knowing the searchers intent. Google wants to provide the information to readers for their answers at the fullest possible way. Google collects large amount of data and provide in the form of snippets, knowledge graph cards. 

What is a knowledge graph?

Knowledge graph is a part of hummingbird algorithm, which are interconnected with two independent entities. Google wants to transform from "strings to things", i.e connecting the “words to real world”. A knowledge graph is a form of card shown at the right side of the result page. After entering a query in the Knowledge base, search engine showcases blue coloured ten links. apart from those, a card in the right side, best matching to the answer displays with images, closely related objects. Knowledge graph is all about connecting real things, a quick summary of a person, names, places, birth, achievements, quotations, work of arts,  etc., . And added to it, mainly features “people also search for” and “Carousel” which are interconnected to the queries. If there is any error or misrepresentation in data, then that can be reported in feedback button. The data can be modified in google and wikipedia as well. Knowledge graph till now has collected 570 million entities, 18 billion facts of information and available in 22 languages across the world. 
Google acquires the data from wikipedia, wikidata, freebase(which was once used to be), CIA, World factbook and its own search engine also. 

How to add website in knowledge graph?

The first condition is to create and optimise google plus page, google business page where your website is referred as product and used as brand
Content is rich and contains all the useful information which was not repeated before, because google loves and follows rich content. 
Active and well presented at all social networking sites
Rich blog contents with multiple authors, references,etc.,
Try to include blogs, articles with questionnaire keywords like how to, what are, how do, etc., because its been noticed that most of the search queries are asked in the forms of questions.
Backlinks from low DA sites, google does not even consider your website.
Properly coded with structured data and schema markup 
Schema markup, is the language which search engines understands while crawling web pages, and takes the best information apt for that article and places below the title. Download and apply JSON-LD for schema markup, which we can do it for ourselves. Just copy and add the code in the tag manager and rests is with google. If your website contains the useful information which the searcher is searching for, google puts your websites in the top of the search page and thus landing in first place and attracting more traffic.
After schema markup, assure it, testing with structured data markup tool.