what are the Factors that does not affect Google Ranking

Posted on 31st Jan 2018 01:23 PM

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In our previous blogs, we have discussed many topics about what are the factors affect google ranking, instant ways to attract traffic, how to increase mobile app in play store.
But today we gonna discuss much about the factors that does not directly affect google ranking. Yes, you heard it right there are certain  factors which are indirectly and does not affect google ranking. For seo’s and bloggers it’s really important for them to know the difference rather than barking at the wrong tree
Apart from 200 ranking factors, we have many non-ranking factors which are no way responsible for ranking of your site. So let’s get in

Keyword stuffing into meta tags 

It’s been the old rule, stuffing lots of keywords to meta tags . There is no relation between search engine and keywords in the meta tags. Readers have now become more intended, they want upto the point but not the whole story. Make sure the keyword tags exactly reflects the content of the page, or else which may lead to google penalty. Google, yahoo, bing quite long back announced that they are not using the meta tag keywords and which in turn does not affect google ranking.

Schema markup  

According to matt cutts, google’s head of web spam has said that schema markup in no way a ranking factor. It’s a simple piece of code understandable to google for better crawling.

Repetitive keywords in content  

Getting started your content with keyword, containing keyword in title is a good seo practice. But repetitive keyword is a bad and old seo practice which has to be avoided immediately, which may also lead to penalty. Google’s intention is to provide what the search users want but not for site owners. Google make sure that their users meet the end needs when they visit the site and not over keyword stuffing. Thus making repetitive keywords in content a non ranking factor

Characters used as separators in title 

Separators or special characters like hyphen, colon, or pipe bar with brand name if used in the title does affect google ranking?  No, certainly not. It is the choice of content writers or seo whether to use or not to use. Google does not care whether characters are used in title element.

Using h1, h2, h3 tags 

There is a belief that writing content with proper h1, h2, tags in orderly manner attract readers and improves traffic. But google does not care about it. It’s only duty is to crawl. While crawling it does not see that h1 is placed on top or h5 is placed in bottom. No, not at all. It’s only for designing purpose to have a good html and css.

Website’s age

Well, if your website is registered in 2000, and still going unbeatable, does it matter to google, probably the answer is no. Google does not want to know the age of your site, or how old are you?  20 years of existence of a website, still going strong, it’s all efforts of site owners, site backlinks, linking authority and huge traffic. Website’s age is no way a google ranking.

Social media likes and shares

Google doesn’t consider your facebook likes, shares or twitter tweets as ranking factor. What all matters is does it reach the maximum audience and double the number of clicks. Although sharing and posting increases the Click through ratio but not the like and tweets, because google does not care even if you get 10,000 likes.

Are you using google services and apps?

Your  website ranking will not have any impact if you are not using any of google apps or services. If at all google is peeping into one’s Gmails or emails or links, the next thing anyone would do is quitting those services. But why would google do that ? google does not consider whether you are using their services or apps and accordingly rank your website.

Following web standards 

Search engine providers does not penalize sites or site owners if not following proper web standards. Practising web standards is good, but it is no where written that it may lead to google ranking 

Change of IP address or hosting companies 

It doesn’t matter to google whether you have changed your IP address or hosting company and they don’t consider it as a ranking factor. Then there is no need to think deep down, if you change your IP address. Google crawls but doesn’t bother if you have changed IP address or hosting companies.

Re-submitting site

Once you make a website, the next thing you do is to submit url to google. But repetitive times of submitting url to google doesn’t improve google ranking. Once you have submitted url to google, crawls it and knows about it, but submitting one’s again is just a waste of time