Know All About GoogleBot

Posted on 08th Mar 2018 06:04 PM

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what is Googlebot ?

Googlebot also known as spiders or little robot is a computer program written by Google, which crawls websites and adds pages to its index. Here index is nothing but Google brain. Whenever you submit new url to Google, Googlebot crawls it. Crawling is the process of discovering new and updated pages of sites and adding it to its index. Only after crawling and indexing your site appears in search results
Google uses large number of computers and follows an algorithmic process that determines to crawl billions of web pages, how many pages to crawl and at what rate. The crawling process starts with urls, generated from previous crawl process and decides to forgo to next page. 
Google bot detects SRC and HREF attributes, new sites, any changes to existing sites, broken links, dead links, etc.,. It only crawls SRC “source” links and HREF “hypertext reference” links

What is Google Crawl ?

To crawl your website, firstly Googlebot has to visit your website. For this you have submit url to Google. Googlebot crawls the sites within few seconds once in a week. The amount of time spent by Googlebot on site is called “crawl budget”. The more the site is responsive, it crawls the site that speedily. So, it wholly depends on the servers bandwidth if it’s good, so that spiders can crawl as many pages as possible. Webmasters can limit the usage of bandwidth by Googlebot and this effect continues upto 90 days

How will Google know your website is ready to crawl?

As soon as your website is ready submit url to Google. Double check before submitting, if any broken links or outdated links are present. Google bot will download the same link and hence forms the errors.
Sitemap is an xml file made by webmasters informing search engines that site is ready, urls and links are available to crawl. If any new or updated url is present, then these are submitted to sitemap xml file, so that bot can get access to crawl and add updated pages to index, hence improving the page ranking

Can Googlebot can be prevented from crawling?

Chances are little. There are chances some other sites might follow or tags links, then there are chances of crawling. 
Robots.txt file - use Robots.txt file to block. Robots.txt file is the file created by webmasters which instructs bot, how to and which pages to crawl with instructions of “disallow” or “allow” to the user agents.
Be sure that robots. txt file is placed in exact location. Simply add rel=”nofollow”  attribute to link, to prevent bot to crawl.
Search console maintains lists of errors, if any occured by spiders during crawling. Errors occurred must be cleared out as soon as possible for ranking.
It’s important and great to crawl the low pagerank pages more oftenly than the high page rank with same content. Yes, pagerank is an important factor, but the fresh content of low pagerank is determined by Googlebot.

How to know Googlebot has crawled?

No need, of any guess work. In Search console, “crawl” options provides an entire summary of what, how, which pages are to be crawled, displays errors, stats, blocked urls, etc.,
Google does not see as humans do. Google does not crawl videos, images. It only sees the code(html file), therefore Googlebot does not include images or javascript.
Through “fetch and render tool” in search console, webmasters can know how their sites are seen by Google.

what are the types of Googlebot?

Googlebot are of different types each assigned to different functionalities

  • Googlebot (Google Web search)
  • Google Smartphone
  • Google Mobile (Feature phone)
  • Googlebot Images
  • Googlebot Video
  • Googlebot News
  • Google Adsense
  • Google Mobile Adsense
  • Google Adsbot (landing page quality check)