Google’s Latest Update - Maccabees Update - Targets And How To Fix It

Posted on 07th Feb 2018 03:59 PM

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There was a sudden change in seo’s world and in lots of sites, where the sites which were ranking top and high were certainly dropped down to 20 to 30% which was a major hit back to seo’s and site owners. 
Lots of stuff was happening, no one doesn’t know what was happening. On December 14th Google and Search Engine Journal confirmed about the latest Google algorithm update.
The update was a minor change which happened between 12th to 14th December named it as maccabees by Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Journal Round table.
"we released several minor improvements during this timeframe, part of our regular and routine efforts to improve relevancy."

What is Maccabees update : New Core Algorithm Change

Google always thinks of users and not site owners, so to sustain better user experience, maccabees update came into action
Maccabees update is majorly for better user experience and is a Google Fred Extension Update.
It can be said that this algorithm update was made for better user experience and cut short all the spammy sites with keyword stuffing, thin content,  for each and every page even though it’s irrelevant

What is Google Fred Extension ?

Well, basically everyone knows Google fred extension update, Through black hat seo techniques sites monetize reccuringly. Whenever a site is clicked you will be visualising with overload of ads, thin content, deceptive ads.
Maccabees focused specially on these sites where sites are monetizing in wrong ways and with worst user experience.

Maccabees Updates - Features

  • Better search relevancy
  • Better user experience
  • Keyword permutations  and Low quality sites
  • Updates should be made to mobile first
  • Rather than mobile visibility, desktop visibility affected the most.

Are affiliate sites affected ?

In order to get back the track of affiliate sites and ecommerce sites, updates have been made. Maccabees focused on affiliate and ecommerce sites, where the small has not seen any changes but the bigger sites have undergone lot many changes. Affiliates try to market one keyword into 5 pages each with loads of keyword stuffing and permutations. For example
  1. Best web designing training in hyderabad
  2. Hyderabad’s best web designing training
  3. Hyderabad’s best web designing training at low rates
The above keywords was about web designing training, for individual page. But for each page keywords were more stuffed and likewise, as per Google it is a violation.
To overcome this, maccabees updates has been a major throwback to sites.
But this was a minor change/update amongst many updates which lasted for not more than 3 days. Amongst many of the few updates, where google did not thought of naming it. Like many of the updates, this was also fargone, which seo’s would think off, that does any update has been made.
If at all your site is affected by this update or felt slight change in organic traffic, then make necessary moderations, fix the possibilities and avoid from Google penalty.