Mobile Applications Development Platforms

Posted on 12th Apr 2018 05:15 PM

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Mobile app development platform is a platform and a software where an app is build, tested, and deployed for smartphones and tablets.  Through Mobile app development platform, developers develops a framework which consists of building, testing, designing, maintaining, deploying mobile apps.
It also known as mobile enterprise application platform, which consists of mobile client application and a mobile middleware server. The main function of mobile middleware server is to manage system integration, cross platform support, securing data, etc., The job of mobile client application is to connecting to server. The major list of MADP’s are, Android Studio, Appzillon, Apple Xcode,Microsoft's Xamarin,Telerik, Kinvey, OutSystems,Salesforce, Kony, Red Hat Mobile Application Platform, Appcelerator. 
As the demand for apps are increasing day by day, the demand for Mobile app development platforms are also coming into existence. Many larger companies prefer to build their own Mobile app development platform or buy a new one from third parties. Third parties provides the selected features like (BaaS) backend as a service, management tools for API’s, front-end development tools,etc.,

What are the factors to consider for mobile app development platform?

Before considering the factors for platforms one must be assured that which type of app they are planning for i.e., native, hybrid or web-based mobile apps, have a clear cut idea .
  • MADP service providers offers cloud-based, on-premises services, modern integrated development environments (IDEs), web-based tools or plugins, it rests with company to suit any one type of service. 
  • MADP must have thorough Security features, data encryption, system monitoring, etc.,
  • The platform must be a full-fledged service provider, where it contains all the features like building, testing, debugging and maintain the app.
  • Must contain frontend and backend services such as data storage, push notification, authentication, etc., 
  • Always use a low-code or codeless platform, where the developers existence is seen less.
  • Ensure that app is compatible with all other devices and thus there is no change in the functionality
  • The presence of MADP must be for a long term throughout the lifecycle of app maintainance to publishing in playstore
  • MADP provides cross-platform development framework