Latest Trending Search Engines - 2018

Posted on 22nd Mar 2018 07:00 PM

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Firstly what is a Search Engine?

Search Engine is a software systems where in the user types the keyword or queries, and a page lands up called search engine results page(SERP). These pages will be based on keywords or queries which can be in the form of images, videos, blogs, articles, etc.,
The basic terminology for using search engine is “Search”.
Millions of people daily performs searches 24x7 at one corner or the other.
Accordingly search engine passes through 3 stages
Crawling : reads/discovers the webpages
Indexing : storing these webpages to their brains
Retrieval : final output showcasing in the form of results in SERP. 
Search engines are the medium between webmasters and users. If and only if webmasters submit their websites to search engines then only it will noticeable and read by users. There are loads of search engines introduced, some came and made an exit, but few stood out.

What are the latest trending search engines of 2018

Google : Google is known as “king of search engines”. As everyone knows Google leads and is leader in the world of search engine, occupying about 74.52% shares of total search. Initially started in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergery Brin. The spider which crawls search engine is called "google bot". Apart from search, it offers services like docs, maps, sheets, suite, gmail, drives, calender, youtube, maps, chrome. Striking into mobile app development, Google introduced and developed famous operating system called "Android".
Bing : Bing occupying the second space, natives from Microsoft with a volume of 20.9% in 2009. Bing is the latest name, where the original names were "windows line search" and "msn". Bing uses search tools called "explorer pane" and has quick previews. Bing exceptionalities in videos, images, side navigation panes with visually appealing search pages. Bing facilitates with local information, regular traffic updates, business listings, etc.,  
Yahoo : Yahoo, the oldest of all started in 1995 by David Filo and Jerry Yang owned by yahoo inc. Yahoo backs up with excellent features like yahoo mail, directory, groups, finance, etc., Yahoo stands out as one with “yahoo answers”. Yahoo search came into existence in feb 2004 and spiders to crawl is named as "yahoo!surp". Yahoo search is powered by Bing in United States and with Google in Japan. Yahoo mainly depends on paid programs. : Originally named as Ask Jeeves, is a question-answering search engine started in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen. shares about 0.05% of total search shares. supports “phrase match”. But lacks quality as compared to bing and google. In 2010, took a break as it could not compete with other search engines. : Originally named as "America Online", started in the midst of 1990’s as dial up service to millions of americans. With a close competition with aol shares about 0.04% of total share search. Upto 2015, still about 2.1 million people, approach aol dial to connect to internet. has the rare features of smart box suggestions, search snapshots for instant answering, standing out as one with the most user-friendly web search.