Internet of Things (IoT)

Posted on 17th Mar 2018 05:44 PM

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What is Internet of Things (IoT) ?

Everything that is connected to internet with inbuilt sensors, RFID, QR code, etc., is internet of things. An assignment of IP address to every device. Everything which is governed and sensored with biochip transponder sensors,  heart monitor implants, etc., to access data over a network within the 2 connected devices without the help of human’s.
Kevin ashton first brought to the spotlight Internet of things(IOT), in 1999, which also called as machine - machine (m2m) communication. In a recent survey it was found that about 13 billion of devices are connected and it may rise further. According to Gartner, an analyst firm estimated that there will be increase to 26 billion connected devices of internet and IOT, keeping aside the relationship between people, but highlighting between people-machine, machine-machine, machine-things

How IoT works ?

With IPV6 it’s easy to assign IP address to billions of connected devices. Devices with inbuilt sensors, connect IOT platforms, generates data from various devices, delivers analytics, guides you what information to consider and what to ignore.  Device-device communicate, draws intelligence, henceforth allowing to do business on certain tasks either on cloud or central based apps or services.
Iot is the hot topic which is being discussed for years and still going on. Is that helpful that a big giant MNC can be relied upon? The answer is yes and no as well.
Why yes? Every now and then right from home to big software co’s everyone is getting benefitted with it. Getting used to it, enjoy the benefits of IOT, why shouldn’t be the answer yes.
Initially reduces cost, waste, optimises energy, gives peace of mind, keeps ontrack of all work, timefactor, manages work, keeps security check, real time insights, utilities, analytics, etc.,
Apart from IT software IOT spreads it wings to other wings such as 
Precision agriculture : Precision agriculture is highly useful in farm management where the technology explains, receive the amount of soil and water in exact level, alerts you the planting time, harvesting time, soil management, etc.,
Building management/home automation : keeping house under the supervision of IOT, in short keeping the house smart. Smart home technology is where every electronic and non-electronic device is connected to internet with inbuilt sensor,and operated through remote connected to smartphone. Example : smart tv, lighting, cctv, smart locks, smart thermostats, refrigerator, etc.,
IOMT : Internet of Medical things is a core application in medical care, where the medical devices connected with wifi allows the machine-machine communication.
Transportation : an automated car without driver, which is designed to drive a car with inbuilt car’s software, radar system. Still it’s  under working, in the coming days it’s going to be soon seen on streets
Why no ? hackers, privacy which matters. The security threats and hacking, which every big giant is facing today, can be avoided with IOT. can iot overcome this issue ? probably the answer is no.Simply depending on this technology, incase if any technicalities arises, it may affect the system physically and financially.
What’s next ?
Analyse, figure out, track, store and make optimal use of iot only to extent which is needed not occupying the entire space and even human values.