What is Internet of Things (IoT) ? Everything that is connected to internet with inbuilt sensors, RFID, QR code, etc., is internet of things. An assignment of IP address to every device. Everything which is governed and sensored with biochip transponder sensors,  heart monitor implants, etc., to access data over a network within the 2 connected devices without the help of... more

  • Posted on 17th Mar 2018 05:44 PM

what is Googlebot ? Googlebot also known as spiders or little robot is a computer program written by Google, which crawls websites and adds pages to its index. Here index is nothing but Google brain. Whenever you submit new url to Google, Googlebot crawls it. Crawling is the process of discovering new and updated pages of sites and adding it to its index. Only after crawling and indexing... more

  • Posted on 08th Mar 2018 06:04 PM

Many bloggers and readers always want something new to read and write. Readers and bloggers often end up with reading bunch of blogs, content, articles, etc., To know the latest blogs published by different websites, you need to subscribe. You are notified with notifications immediately after new content is posted.  These sending of notifications has became quite popular with 2... more

  • Posted on 15th Feb 2018 05:40 PM

There was a sudden change in seo’s world and in lots of sites, where the sites which were ranking top and high were certainly dropped down to 20 to 30% which was a major hit back to seo’s and site owners.  Lots of stuff was happening, no one doesn’t know what was happening. On December 14th Google and Search Engine Journal confirmed about the latest Google algorithm... more

  • Posted on 07th Feb 2018 03:59 PM

In our previous blogs, we have discussed many topics about what are the factors affect google ranking, instant ways to attract traffic, how to increase mobile app in play store. But today we gonna discuss much about the factors that does not directly affect google ranking. Yes, you heard it right there are certain  factors which are indirectly and does not affect google ranking. For... more

  • Posted on 31st Jan 2018 01:23 PM