Best SEO Tips and Techniques for google seo practice 2014

Posted on 18th Sep 2014 04:30 AM

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Best SEO Tips & Techniques with google seo updates 2014

SEO (Search engine optimization) is very complicated in 2014, the google introducing new seo updates day by day. Google focus on quality content.The google want to give best one to the viewers and it focus to fulfil their requirements. So google take penalty actions to against who are not follow the google seo guidelines. Below SEO tips and techniques are given as per Google guidelines for seo Practices..

Best SEO Tips and Techniques for 2014 followed by google guidelines

  • Interesting and up to date description: you should write best and simple update(i.e what new now) description 
  • Quality of the Content: Your prepare your own content, don't copy from other website. Copy content always gives negative effects
  • Short and cache title: Give a good title what the viewer need
  • Meta Description relevant to title: which title you give, the main content of description should be relevant to meta description
  • Chech keyword density: Always check the keyword density with keyword phase. It should not exceed, what says in google guidelines
  • Choose Friendly Url: The url should be cache to the viewers, Those Url are friendly to google.
  • Keywords in h2 tag & in first 250 words: Whatever keyword phase you are use in description, that should be come in beginning of the pera or between the first pera where ever it is related.
  • Use of Headings h1 ,h2, h3 tags: Always only one h1 tag should use for the page.The h1, h2, h3 tags should be use according to google guidelines
  • Focusing Keywords: Always focus on direct  keywords and your relevant keywords.
  • Image Description: If you use image, give the relevant description

Remember seo google guidelines techniques 2014

  • don't select single word as a keyword. choose a phase as a keyword.
  • Include related less competitive keywords.
  • Only one time submit your description in directories
  • Use Free seo tool Keyword Planner provided by google to get relevant keyword ideas
  • Don't post too fast in back links
  • Remove broken links
  • Don't write keywords with white font in images (don't use black hat trick)

Best seo tips and techniques for google practice 2014

  • Take anlysis from Adwords ads for your relevant keywords
  • Write meta title should include in meta description
  • Comment in best relevant blogs
  • Post in best PR rank backlinks
  • Post in local directories in relavant category
  • Write mini blog to (200+ word) video descriptions.
  • If you give reference links use no follow tag