Posted on 30th Oct 2017 03:43 PM

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With millions of apps appearing in Google Play Store, it is hard to make a mark for a newly introduced app. So, to overcome all these problems and make your app rank higher in Google Play Store, one of the best ways is ASO, Apps Store Optimisation. ASO is similar to SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, where you need to to type the keyword regarding the app, hundreds of apps are displayed through ASO

What is ASO?

Apps Store Optimisation is the process of making your app visible in Google Play Store Searches. The main aim of ASO is to make your app appear on top to rank higher and visible to its potential users

How does an app ranked in Play Store?

Ranking is important factor for any app, but it is nowhere proven or solved as of how an app is ranked. But still there are key determinants which can be taken into account

  • Downloads : The more the number of downloads, the more the chances of app placed first or ranked top in Google Play Store
  • Long-run Install : Google track the apps, for how long apps are installed or uninstalled. Long installs will directly affect in the Google Ranking
  • Instant Uninstalls: Removing or uninstalling apps instantly, right after downloading, gives negative ranking 

Best ways for app which affect ranking

  • Title in App : Title is the first factor to drive the traffic. According to the recent survey, apps are identifiable by 10.3% if main keywords are added in Title. Developer has to include not more than 50 characters in Title. When the right title is placed, then the app reaches the top in ASO and Play Store as well. Never use the same name, of other app which is already available, if doing so, Google may suggest or auto correct your app in naming. 
  • Keywords in App Store : Always plan and go for Long Tail Keywords. Have a brief study on what type of keyword are mostly being used, specially which have lower competition. Analyse and work on keywords, which are not working at least once a week or month and try to change the keywords. Google and Apple uses special ranking algorithm to check whether the app ranks for specific search of words.
  • Exceptional Description : Make an outstanding appeal to users within the first 3 lines of description. Try to include keywords in the description as many as possible, so that users are convinced and compelled to download the app. Write the features and highlights which are easily understandable, with statements highlighted with bullets or numbering. Read our app commentonphoto app for better description.
  • Unique icon in App Store :  Make a mark with visual unique icon because before reading the description, users always visualises the icon and then furtherly moves forward. Its very important to make a mark of Icon with different shapes, bright colours and Title on it,as directed by Google’s Material Design Guidelines.
  • Importance of Screenshots, Videos and Graphics : Screenshots, Videos and Graphics are the visual description to the users explaining about app and convincing users to download the app. It may not directly drive the traffic, but indirectly make an impression about what an app is all about. A publisher will usually blend the screenshots with text overlaying it describing the features or the key elements of app. Screenshots for about 8 to 9 can be displayed. For example check the stylzphotoeditor app in google play store 
  • Reviews and ratings from happy users : The high the amount of downloads, the higher the ratings. As per recent study, about 59% users will download the app, only by studying the ratings and reviews. The 5 star rating always stands a chance of getting first or ranking top as shown in the ASO. Always ask the users to throw their comments for better improvisation in next app.  
  • Marketing strategy for App Store : A planned and clear cut marketing strategy is always expected from Developer, because once the app is published but not getting enough boost, then that’s the time for correct marketing planning and execution. Apart from sharing your app in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, allow the other users to link in with their app and vice versa. Give discounts on premium apps, for limited period,so as to attract its users. Schedule a marketing analyst or improve the popularity of app. Start giving your apps as advertisements in other apps, with a credit of $100 or more, so as to drive traffic