Are Backlinks Key Factor in SEO ?

Posted on 07th Oct 2017 02:57 PM

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SEO Search Engine Optimisation, has lots of multiple factors like Content, keywords, Main headings, etc., But many few of them know that Backlinks are one of the boosting factors for seo to rank in Google Ranking.

What are Backlinks?

When 2 websites are linked to one another, it is called Backlinks. It’s also called as inbound link(IBL) or incoming link. The blue text above every result is taken as Link. The spiders, which are crawlers and indexes bots wants a medium to read as to which pages are good to rank, helping in blog’s popularity and Backlinks works on this. 

Getting backlinks from high ranking websites is an important and difficult part in SEO and this process is Link Building. Crawlers consider Backlinks for ranking a website in SERP

If a certain page is with many backlinks, then Google figures out, that it must be a good page and likewise ranking gets increased. It is the quality links which matters but not the quantity of links. The higher the quality links, the greater the rankings in Google Query or Search Engine.

If webmasters try to link in wrong or deceptive techniques like hidden links or automatic generated pages, these are disqualified by search engine and these pages are Link farms. If any website trying to link with these Link farms, they are banned completely according to 2012, Google Penguin Update

What are important terms in Backlinks ?

Link juice : When a web page links to your website’s homepage, the activity that occurs is Link Juice. It helps in higher ranking, as the Domain authority is sharing rank status with your webpage.

Do-Follow : These links allows for transfer of link juice and are added to web page by default. This tag says Google to index the page and count as a point in this page.

No-follow : If a link has a no-follow tag, then that link does not pass link juice. Search Engine will ignore the link, doesn’t get deeper to crawl and doesn’t count as a point. It is generally done when linking with less reliable sites.

Linking Domain : Number of Backlinks coming to a website from same domain. If one website is linked many times, it will be referred as one unique domain.

Low-quality Links : Links from porn sites, low-rated, gambling and spammy sites are low quality links. One must be careful in avoiding these type of links, which may lead to algorithmic penalty or removal of link from Search Query.

Anchor Text : The actual text which are used within hyperlinks read by Search Engine are Anchor text. It really functions well for high page ranking. Majority of anchor text should be of high quality and branded. Reckless anchor text may result in penalty as per Penguin Algo.

What does Backlinks do ?

  • Spiders can easily index pages, if site has lots of backlinks
  • Backlinks has proved to be a key factor in improving website ranking, by getting links from relevant and popular sites and content to homepage,  ranking automatically increases
  • Let to know visitor about your website, by just reciprocal linking with trusted websites. 

It is very difficult for those who are making their mark for scaling website traffic, as to where to start from to get Backlinks, many webmasters are introducing analysis tools to get paid backlinks.

What are the Guidelines to be taken before going for Backlinks?

  1. The minute your site is linked with other page, tendency to lose privacy is bit higher. So, it’s quite important to check your site for any external broken links
  2. Make sure 404 errors reclaiming and redirecting 301 to a relevant page. This can be done by Google Search Console
  3. Always have to keep updated with Google Webmasters Guidelines, so that in case of any penalties or warnings to receive
  4. Avoid those website which offers to sell thousand of backlinks or promises as positioned No.01 in Organic Ranking

How to get backlinks ?

  • By writing good blogs or guest blogs, will naturally get good backlinks in appraising to the content
  • Commenting on blogs on do-follow blogs, is beneficial as lots of good link juice is benefitted.
  • Submission of website to web directories gives more chance to get high ranked backlinks. But always remember to submit only trustworthy directories, because submitting to spammy directories lands in penalty
  • Broken link Building : It is a technique to find broken links in a website and alert the owner about it and send similar link relating to that content and ask him to update post
  • Social bookmarking sites like Google plus, Facebook, Twitter are also taken as good backlinks
  • Quora is one such Discussion Board where you can link to blog in threads

Well ones you get a strong backlink structure, do not stop over it, just continue for the consistent high rankings and increase of traffic.