What is Flash? Adobe Flash is a website design tool that is used to build a website. It is also used to add animation and interactivity to a web page.It features technology for designing and delivering low-bandwidth animations, presentations, and Websites.  However, if you have to prioritize Flash vs. HTML 5 vs. ??? … then I would put learning Flash (especially scripting in Flash)... more

  • Posted on 03rd Sep 2013 06:20 PM
redesigning of your website

When we need, why we need our Website to Redesign: Is the website attractive enough to grab visitor attention? Attractiveness on a website is more than it having a pretty layout. When a visitor finds a use for a website and a reason to continue visiting it, then he or she will bookmark the website and go back to it, perhaps on a regular basis. All dat is fine but the question is when we need,... more

  • Posted on 16th May 2013 01:05 PM
difference between static and dynamic website

How to choose static or dynamic website There are number of websites in the market. The choice of selecting static or dynamic website is critical and hence crucial. When compared changes to static website can be done only by persons who have knowledge of web development. Dynamic websites are used where content changes frequently on run time. Now a day’s promotion of a business... more

  • Posted on 25th Mar 2013 04:01 PM