Importance of Choosing Right Domain Name to your Website or Business

Posted on 22nd Aug 2013 01:20 PM

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What should be the domain name of your website:

good domain name become strong key to your Internet presence. It should be relate to your business name, brand, product, or activities.You make it to be fits on a business card and is easy to remember.

choose your domain name carefully. Domain names often come without spaces, so pay careful attention to the total package. For example, MarshalsExchange can look like marshalsexchange. 

choose Meaningful Domain(short/long length),a good domain name is easy for customers to remember, easy to spell, and short.If its difficult to get short domain names among top level domain names such as .com, .net and .org.
In these cases (we can choose up to 67 characters), it's preferable to choose a meaningful statement such as " or" these always Give a Good Impression than short abbreviations like or

Don't do..

Don't abbreviate, unless the abbreviation is your company's trademark. Ask your co-workers, your customers, your friends, and your family what domain name they'd expect your company to have.

Avoid Trademarked Domains,You cannot register names already registered as copyright (for example, McDonalds). Like company names, domain names are unique and cannot be duplicated. Avoid registering domain names that are similar to your competition or to famous trademarks.

Reject Hyphens and Numbers, Both hyphens and numbers make it hard to give your domain name verbally and falls down on being easy to remember or type. I'd suggest not using spelled-out or roman numerals in domains, as both can be confusing and mistaken for the other.


Site's logo:

include your domain name in your site's logo. And put your domain name on all company promotional materials such as business cards and stationary.

Register additional domain names :

Register all possible domain name variations related to your company name. If your company's name is hard to spell, register common misspellings.(You don’t need a separate Web page for each. Several domains can point to the same Website.)

Will customers accidentally make spelling mistakes? Will they use the plural form of a word instead of the singular form, or visa versa? Make a list of possible mistakes, and register additional domain names that incorporate these mistakes.

When users search the Internet for a particular product or service they often search by product or service, rather than business name. To increase the chances of having your site found, register extra domain names that relate to your core business or products.


Prefer local Domain:

If your company is located in India, you can register a .in domain name even if your business activity includes export trade. If you have an international presence, a top-level domain such as .com, .net , or .org is more suitable. Many businesses choose to register all three.

Extensions are categories of Internet domain names.

  • .com represents the word "commercial," and is the most widely used extension in the world. Most businesses prefer a .com domain name because it is a highly recognized symbol for having a business presence on the Internet. 
  • .net represents the word "network," and is most commonly used by Internet service providers, Web-hosting companies or other businesses that are directly involved in the infrastructure of the Internet. Additionally, some businesses choose domain names with a .net extension for their intranet Websites.
  • .org represents the word "organization," and is primarily used by non-profits groups or trade associations.
  • .bizis used for small business Web sites.
  • .info is for credible resource Web sites and signifies a "resource" web site. It's the most popular extension beyond .com, .net and .org.
  • .us is for American Web sites and is the newest extension. It has the largest amount of available names in inventory.
  • .biz extension. It is unrestricted and may be registered by anyone, from any country.
  • .tv is for rich content/multi-media Web sites, commonly used within the entertainment or media industry.

    Tools to help choose your domain:

  • NameStation – Generates a list of available domains based on a submitted word.
  • Domaintyper – Checks domain name availability instantly.
  • Domain Pigeon – See what others are looking to register as a source of inspiration.
  • Domainr – Type a work and it will find “domain hacks”.