What are the 5 Best E-Commerce Platforms

Posted on 22nd Jan 2018 03:58 PM

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2 decades before or merely before internet, people used to think twice for setting up a business. Why ? because, large amount of investments, huge space, lots of people of to work in.
But now, from past 10 - 15 years this is not so and the reason is e-commerce platforms.

What is an e-commerce platform?

E-commerce platform is a software application, programmed under one platform allowing customers to do online shopping and businessmen to do business without visiting a store
In simpler words a sellers easiest online business with huge profits
E-commerce is divided into 2, self-hosted E-commerce and hosted or SaaS E-commerce
Self-hosted E-commerce : In this type, the owner, owns a website, manages hosting, updation of softwares. Businessman needs to manage everything as the business is in his control. Involves costly process, but in the long run, profit or loss rests with owners.
Hosted or SaaS E-commerce : Software as a Service(SaaS), where owner rent everything. Unlike self-hosted,  Businessman need not manage anything like hosting, software updates as it is managed by Saas provider. Just has to pay enough money and render your product through online platform. Cheaper in terms of money and profitable too. 

Points to be noted before opting for an ecommerce platform

Try to enquire
  • whether the service provider is the exact one, matching to your business needs. Does his platforms has the ability to meet day to day needs, latest software updation and right hosting.
Are they updated with social media platform ?
  • According to recent study, it is believed that, facebook alone boosts 1.94 million active users,  so, from this, we can make out the potentiality of social media. It’s always better to make integration with social media networks.
Is SKU restricted?
  • Stock Keeping Unit is restricted or can be enlarged along with the growth of business. 
Try to clarify your doubts?
  • It’s better to talk with person in physical, while approaching for a platform. Make it a point that service providers are available to you during the period of transactions or for any clarifications. 
There are loads of e-commerce platforms available but there are 5, which are topping the charts in recent times.
  • Shopify

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Started back in 2004, raising to over $131 million with more than 2,20,000 online retailers. User-friendly, easy setup with seo, secured payment gateways, beautiful themes.

In addition to this you have, custom meta tags, email or phones, automate generated XML sitemap, 24x7 customer support.

Free integration as well as premium, but little expensive. Initial setup is not that easy process.
  • Big commerce 

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It’s pretty much same as shopify, has more built in features, unlimited bandwidth, extra plugins, web hosting, design, shipping and analytics. 
Started in 2009, now moving over to16 billion in the total sales.Big commerce gives you the pleasure of creating your own domain, if you don’t have one. 
Free ssl, unlimited products but expensive.
  • Magento  

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Started in 2007, is an open source platform developed by ebay group for building ecommerce websites. The main motto of this company is, anyone can set up their system freely, modified at any time, satisfying their own needs.
Just install from c-panel and start building the store using magento admin panel. User can customise products, create groups, allows to show certain product to specific group of people.
Google analytics, pages optimisation, content strategy are the additional features of magento.
  • Woo-commerce 

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Started in 2011, woo commerce is a open source free wordpress plug in, ssl encryption but extensions and domain web hosting need to be purchased. Affordable to all, with unlimited products and images, attracting every one’s attention. Customisation of product in terms of setting prices is flexible. It observes how customers browses through woo commerce store, keeping a complete record of customers purchase history for lifetime value. 
Professional templates specially themes on themeforest can be installed easily, but with technical knowledge.
  • Zen cart

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Easy to setup due to fully customisable in php mysql, and completely free to download. Programmers with medium knowledge on php can do programming easily. Offers your own domain name and runs with any hosting company with large number of templates include unlimited items and different ssl certificates. Zen cart is installed and activated within 15 minutes, especially to small to medium sized business