Learn PHP course - Simple Tips For PHP Beginners

Posted on 16th May 2013 12:01 PM

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tips for PHP Beginner

Learn PHP  - Simple Tips For Beginners

PHP is one of the most popular web development languages and is powering some of the most powerful websites around us, including Facebook and WordPress.

PHP has emerged as a very effective and easy to learn technology for developing web applications. This has made it one of the first languages that beginners start working on while learning web development. Mentioned below are 5 tips for such developers who are just beginning with web development using PHP. These tips have been provided by some of the most expert PHP developers.

1. Clear Your OOP Concepts First

For those who are just beginning with web development it is recommended that they first get a thorough knowledge of object-oriented programming and then go into PHP. Those who don’t have a technical background should give some time to learning the principles and clearing their concepts about software development. A beginner should be aware of terms like OOP, design pattern, version control, debugging etc.

2. Use Google Wisely And Extensively

As a beginner you are bound to have many questions (if you don’t have questions then you are not doing it correctly). The good news for you is that you can always find help for all your queries. Make sure that you are connected with a users group as there are such PHP groups all over the world. These are the places where smart men (some might call them geeks) come together to have some meaningful talk, discuss new topics, ideas and provide answers to those who come there with questions. However, make sure that you have Googled your queries before you ask it in the group as they don’t like lazy developers.


3. Get Involved In Open Source Projects

Beginners need to first clear their basic and then join open source projects as they provide access to source code. Further, this will also provide you an opportunity to learn from the top developers and industry specialists. The more you get into the source code, the concepts will get clearer. Once you get expert in PHP you can start providing offshore web development services and make huge profits from it.

4. Find A Mentor

Having a mentor to guide developers in their initial stages is the best thing that can happen to them. They should try to get a mentor who can guide them and talk to them in situations where they get stuck and need guidance. IRC is also a good option but nothing compares with the mentor. Moreover, web developers have entire web in their hand where they can go through thousands of PHP sites and enhance their skills and knowledge through various examples. Don’t expect to be an expert in everything PHP within a fortnight

5. Study The Code Of PHP Experts

There is nothing better than going through the codes written by industry specialists in PHP. Beginners could learn so much from them that they wouldn’t need anything else. Even if you are an intermediate or advanced developer you should try to study seasoned coders as there is always a better and cleaner way of doing things. Further, try to use reputable libraries wherever possible as their will never be shortage of programming.

If you are a beginner then start with the above tips and soon you will be well versed with web development using PHP.