PHP vs .NET which is better?

Posted on 16th May 2013 01:10 PM

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choose PHP over .net

PHP is Best Web development Language

PHP and .NET are used to create dynamic web pages connected with databases. The more appropriate term for .NET would be ASP.NET because the .NET framework supports other programming suites which have no similarity with PHP and hence no competition. We will be referring ASP.NET simply as .NET.

Starting with the ease of programming, .NET is the clear winner. The inbuilt tools of the .NET framework make the job of creating a dynamic web page a breeze.

If you look into PHP forums about the PHP vs .NET market share, you will be surprised to know that PHP takes the lead as the popular choice.

Although both can be used to connect databases, PHP is the favorite because of its customizability and compatibility across platforms and operating systems. People are willing to tackle the learning curve involved with PHP to benefit from the immense potential of it. Another point that makes PHP a better choice is its ability to operate under Linux operating system which can be used free of cost while .NET is supported on Windows Server operating system installed with IIS, which makes it pricier than PHP. Furthermore, PHP can integrate several database platforms such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MySql and SQlite to name a few. This cannot be said of .NET which supports a handful of databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

PHP is the market leader because of:

1. Faster speeds of execution
2. Costs involved (Open Source Software)
3. Better exception handling and garbage collection
4. Flexibility with database connectivity and customizability

The things in favour of .NET are

1. Support and documentation available
2. Standard development environment
3. Multi-threading abilities
4. Built in reporting tools (Crystal Reports)

In a nutshell, the war of PHP vs .NET continues with both stocking their respective armoury with powerful tools and trying to do best what they have been doing over the years. As a programmer, one has to figure out the requirements and available resources and then make a choice.