What is AdWords and AdSense for SEO? Which one is Better to choose...

Posted on 24th Feb 2014 04:30 AM

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Why SEO choose Adwords or Adsense? What according to Internet Marketer is Adwords and AdSense?How to get profit by using them ?

If your are an internet Marketer then you might definitely come across two words - AdWords and AdSense. Depending upon your business and goals one might be useful for you. As both are different words and either of them carry different meaning. This article will let you know what is the difference between AdWords and AdSense and their meaning in context of internet Marketing. After reading this article you will have a bit clear idea of what they mean and how they benefit a businessman. 
Adwords is launched by Google in 2000 whereas AdSense was lanuched in 2003.

What is AdWords and How does it work :

Through AdWords we can advertise our product in google.com, google search network (including in sites like ask.com), and also in Google Display network ( content sites and blogs that are not search engines ). We create an advertisement so that a person while doing search of keywords can view our ad in search results. Many businesses use this AdWord tool to increase traffic to their website which can be convertable to expected sales. For the ads to appear in Google search results advertisers have to pay Google certain amount. The amount depends on keyword popularity, its length and also compititors of that keyword. Bidding is done for the keyword. The higher that you bid on a keyword or phrase the highest position our ad will be placed. It is the advertisers choice how much to spend on a particular keyword. The advertiser is responsible for keyword of choice, landing page that the ad will direct them to. Google adword keyword tool can be used to help you decide your keywords.

What is AdSense and How does it work :

While the Adwords is the advertiser Adsense is the money maker or publisher of Advertisements. We all might of experienced visiting of a website, where we can find advertisements displayed at its top or at either side of the website. This is what AdSense do. With using AdSense your site becomes money maker. AdSense is a revenue generating option for your business. Adsence is setup so that when a customer visits your site, the targeted banner ad is visible and he/she click on that ad - and you receive certain amount to your account depending on the Click per Cost rates. This AdSense is much more benificial to sites which have high targeted traffic (more visits). The AdSense let publishers make use of their website receive money by allowing relevant AdWord ads displayed next to the content, through which publishers receive small amount each time the Ad is clicked.



Now it is up to you to make a choice of which one will add more sense to your business and adapt it. In payment expectations AdWords advertisers have a general idea of how much they'll spend by setting a bid amount for their keyword phrase. But AdSense publishers will earn what they earn depending on clicks. They can aim for more revenue by building websites devoted to competitive industry and increasing their sites traffic.

This article as mentioned just gave the meaning of what AdWords and AdSence mean. Our next article will discuss about difference between them and how to setup accounts of either. READ MORE