Why advanced SEO supports AdWord and AdSense tools | How to set up AdWord and AdSense Account

Posted on 24th Feb 2014 03:10 PM

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main difference between adwords and adsense

Advanced SEO Course prefers AdWord and AdSense :

Basic difference in AdWord and AdSense: AdWords is advertising on google.com and AdSense is about publishing google ads on our website or blog. The main difference is while one is the advertiser the other is the publisher. AdSense publisher can control the text, image, video, link, flash etc i.e. type of ad formats that appears on their pages. The can modify the color and size of ads. Whereas in case of AdWords they have better flexibility in choosing text format and also can design their ad accordingly (Since they are the one who create the ads). A great feature in AdSense is the ability to allow customization of the banners that will appear on your site. From font choice, to over 200 color options, you are in control of the ads that are displayed on your site.

AdWords advertiser should select the keywords more tactfully as it might make or sometimes break the idea of revenue generation. Only one ad is allowed to display at a time in Google search. There is strict regulation regarding ad displaying. While in case of AdSense publisher , they are allowed to display only 3 content ads, 3 link ads. AdSense Publisher are allowed to display only two search box through which related ads will be viewed, which when used deliver targeted text-based ads.

The ads which are placed on your site are related to content on our site much more content placed in that page. Only relative ads are displayed in the banner.


How to Setup AdWords Account:

It is truely simple to set an account with Google AdWords. All that you need to do is set a google account, create an email id and generate password, using that account go to google AdWord tool and set your time zone and currency you prefer. By just following these simple tips google Adword account is created.

How to setup AdSense Account:

Registering with AdSense require lot of steps, for AdSense account you need to submit application with your website URL, site language, name of the person, and some basic personal information after which we need to accept the rules and terns of AdSense.

After you submit this information you can create your adSense account by using already existing account or you can create a new account.

Once the account is set we can use these tools to generate the traffic and leads to our sales.

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