Many bloggers and readers always want something new to read and write. Readers and bloggers often end up with reading bunch of blogs, content, articles, etc., To know the latest blogs published by different websites, you need to subscribe. You are notified with notifications immediately after new content is posted.  These sending of notifications has became quite popular with 2... more

  • Posted on 15th Feb 2018 05:40 PM

There was a sudden change in seo’s world and in lots of sites, where the sites which were ranking top and high were certainly dropped down to 20 to 30% which was a major hit back to seo’s and site owners.  Lots of stuff was happening, no one doesn’t know what was happening. On December 14th Google and Search Engine Journal confirmed about the latest Google algorithm... more

  • Posted on 07th Feb 2018 03:59 PM

In our previous blogs, we have discussed many topics about what are the factors affect google ranking, instant ways to attract traffic, how to increase mobile app in play store. But today we gonna discuss much about the factors that does not directly affect google ranking. Yes, you heard it right there are certain  factors which are indirectly and does not affect google ranking. For... more

  • Posted on 31st Jan 2018 01:23 PM

2 decades before or merely before internet, people used to think twice for setting up a business. Why ? because, large amount of investments, huge space, lots of people of to work in. But now, from past 10 - 15 years this is not so and the reason is e-commerce platforms. What is an e-commerce platform? E-commerce platform is a software application, programmed under one platform... more

  • Posted on 22nd Jan 2018 03:58 PM

What is Meta Description? Meta Description is html attributes that provides the summary of the content. Meta description is the short summary shown as snippet by Google in SERP. If content is understood, related to subject matter and attracted then user will directly click on to it to read furtherly. Usually it is written as  Make sure each and every page contains simplified... more

  • Posted on 04th Jan 2018 11:40 AM