Instant ways to attract traffic to your website

Posted on 22nd Aug 2017 10:55 AM

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If your website is not able to attract enough traffic,then there is no point of having a website. The more traffic to website the more leads are generated. But it has become quite difficult for a website to generate traffic. Traffic is nothing but attracting more people to visit a website and convert them into leads,this method is called conversion. One thing to remember is that we always want increase in traffic within a very short period of time. Google analytics is one of the tool in finding out as of a website has reached enough traffic or not. 

Here are the few ways to attract instant traffic to your website

Best way to attract instant traffic through Pay per click advertisements 

In other words it is purchasing traffic. Pay per click is advertising with google adwords. A certain keyword is bid for auction and provider has to pay on that day,that amount to place his advertisement. Here the advertisers are charged for clicks only.This pay per click really works in this competitive online business to reach the targeted visitors. If a website has to appear on the first page then this is the first option that any provider would opt for and thus also increase SERP rankings.

Submission of content to google

Once your website is ready, submit url to google submission page to know your website exist, for faster indexing in to their database and rapid increase of traffic. Submit your content or website, url to webmasters tool in google  console

Easiest way to attract instant traffic through Social media networking 

Sharing the content in social media does makes a lots of difference. Nearly over 1 billion people log onto social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.,as they are powerful platforms. Start a facebook fan page or tweeting informational tweets in twitter, as it drives a loads of traffic to your website by just clicking on links of website. In recent times social media networking has become important generating factors to attract instant traffic and promote online business

Finest ways to attract instant traffic through Bulk email 

A small one to two lines about your website and link is enough in an email. Recent study shows that email marketing has largest Return of Investment(ROI). So make sure to send bulk emails to make aware about website to all your family, friends, colleagues and business people as well. Not to forget attach your website’s link in the email signature, so that whenever someone addresses the mail, they may click on the link to view it.

Best way to attract instant traffic through Video marketing 

A short, understandable and informative video about website is one of the fastest tracking ways to attract instant traffic. Upload video in youtube or going with facebook live are the best examples. The chances of sharing video is seen in multiple times through these sources. Youtube has about 5 million views and facebook live has about 8 million views. So its easier to market business with initiative of video making of a website.

Suitable ways to attract instant traffic through Writing a guest post 

Start build in relationship with co bloggers for writing guest blog in other websites or allowing bloggers to write in your website. Guest blogging is one of the best techniques to attract users and qualified readers to website. With guest blogging you tend to increase new visitors to your website if the content provided is worth reading and at the end of the post there is always a link which redirects to your website.In guest blogging the blogger always tries to write the original and unique content to engage readers

Content with best keywords with keyword research 

keyword research is one of the top most priority of a blogger to write any content. Write the content in point of view of not only just for google but also as to what the targeted audience will read. Concentrate on content with most targeted keywords which the readers are looking for and which is user friendly. The good the content is the better the user will pay for your services. Mainly go for long tail keywords to attract targeted audience.

An important way to attract traffic through SEO-Search Engine Optimisation 

To get your website land on first page (SERP) Search Engine Ranking Page, SEO plays an effectively role and results are shown quite easily. Seo believes in “content is king”, so with high quality content, long tail keywords, keywords research, a seo consultant to optimize web content if combined, your website will be on the first page without being paid. Always try to write 2 to 3 blogs every week to increase rapid traffic to website