How Effectively Increase Customers Through Email Marketing

Posted on 01st Sep 2017 04:15 PM

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Email marketing is an important and powerful tool for any website to attract traffic. Here in an email marketing basically you are explaining the users what your website is all about. If executed properly email marketing can be powerful instant traffic that any website provider can look forward to. Email marketing helps in not only retaining returning visitors but also attracting targeting visitors.

What is an Email Marketing ?

 Email marketing is the marketing done through medium of emails. Marketing is done by sending commercial messages to a group of targeted people through electronic emailing. It is one of the best instant ways to attract traffic to a website. Email marketing is done through email marketing softwares which provides designed and customised templates, sending emails to segmented and targeted group of visitors and also helps in growing the subscribers. Wider range of services are available depending on budget ranging from low rates to higher.It is rather much important for any business/website to maintain an email list. Through an email list, service provider sends latest updates regarding the website. Ecommerce websites mostly uses email marketing.

Steps to be followed for an email marketing

Attractive design and template with content :

Whenever  user reads or sees content, it must be attractive, readably easy and appealing to understand. The overall design, layout, images of email has to be attractive. It’s up to the customer whether he chooses emails in the form of text or HTML

Mobile Friendly Email Templates

Nowadays as everyone is using mobile devices, so it’s very important to  send emails which are compatible and mobile friendly. It relies on website service provider so as to reach promotional mails to targeted users/groups. Always test has to be done internally, through all major platforms like gmail, yahoo, etc., so that whenever mail/link is provided it looks professional and ready to meet ends users

Powerful Landing page :

whenever subscriber clicks on the link provided in email, landing page is furnished. Landing page should be precise and exactly to the point. The conveyor always has to make it a point to make a powerful landing page, as of what he wants to market. The landing page must be loaded very fastly, yet attractive to visualise. Landing page is the most trusted and  best medium of converting sales into leads

Choose the best email service provider :

A good email service provider enables you to provide highly bulk emails. The main aim of service provider is not moving website to spam or junk folder. Managing email list, contacts and email templates are effectively managed by email service providers. Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Emma are some of the popular marketing software providers.

Getting Responses :

It is with the link provided in Landing page that we get to know how many customers are converting in to leads. Basically analytics are the best tools to show sales converting into leads. Finally, it is the landing page which has to be powerful yet representative for a customer to attract to a website

Maintain Autoresponders :

It is important for any business to maintain a built in relationship with their customers and that functionality is completed by Autoresponders. Autoresponders is a computer program which automatically answers emails to a specific list of subscribed users. Generally Autoresponders are designed, set up, specify automated email list, time at which regular intervals email has to be send. After the perfect setup is made, Autoresponders does their work efficiently to maintain level of interest of users.

Email Marketing Campaigns :

Marketing campaigns can help in wider ways like welcoming mails. Welcome emails with thank you letters and emails to new subscribers to thank them for subscribing and explaining about your company. Advertisements on latest products and services about company, offering promo and coupon codes, discount on products, in which the users are interested in.

What is Segmentation ?

Segmentation is dividing email list according to the interest of targeted users and groups. Every marketing campaign and service provider goes for segmentation. Because it’s an easy process for any subscriber to send emails according to the taste and needs of customers and risk of losing them is low. Segmentation can be based on

  • Newsletter,
  • Transactional emails,
  • Direct emails,
  • Product updates