Google Search Console

Posted on 09th Nov 2017 10:35 AM

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Google Search Console is a collection of tools which helps webmasters for indexing and optimising their websites and also in Google rankings. It is free web service offered by Google to webmasters. Previously it was called as Google Webmasters Tools but renamed as Google Search Console on may 20, 2015

When a website is launched, webmaster has to also create Google search console account for indexing, crawling, backlinks and monitoring the performance of the website.

Why to use Google Search Console 

  • Google always and does the site’s performance, once the site is submitted. Make sure that your site is included in google index.
  • Add or verify the performance of a website in search console. This is done either by webmaster, authorised user or site owner, by creating and logging into search console account
  • Through the Google Analytics,your site is monitored including spam actions, crawl errors, url errors, if any
  • Google search console will alert you by sending messages about the spam actions in your websites
  • Search traffic is analysed through Search Analytics. The Click Through Ratio(CTR), Impressions, no.of clicks, of a website is known 
  • With the Search Appearance option one can easily optimise their website, so that it can appear better and rank high in SERP. With the options of HTML improvements, removing site link and adding additional data, one can easily monetize their website.
  • Long tail keywords, ranking keywords, how to optimise website through most used keywords are navigated 
  • Fixing the 402, en 301, 302 errors on your site
  • Helps in checking the backlinks and internal links as well
  • The PageSpeed Insights Tools,can easily optimise the loading speed of a website, which should be about 1 second
  • Irrelevant linking to your site might result into penalty. This can be carbed down easily through Search console

Google Search Console Guidelines

Through Google’s automated search engine i.e., “Web Crawlers”,checks and indexes the sites on regular basis. As there are millions of pages in Google, crawlers may miss out some of the pages to read. With the thorough quality guidelines stated by Google one can make the user friendly and easy to read website to Google

  • Maintain and submit Sitemap file. It is a XML file that informs Search engine regarding pages available for crawling in a site
  • Use robots.txt on website. These files indicate limiting the crawling budget, what to crawl or not to crawl in the website by giving instructions “allow” or “disallow”
  • Create rich informational sites with title, alt attributes, images, videos, which are specific yet descriptive.
  • If using different cms like wordpress, then make sure that pages and links are created to crawl easily for search engine.
  • The advertisement links must not affect search engine rankings, prevent them by writing rel=”nofollow”
  • Try to prevent and remove the spams on your site. Always monitor your site from any hacking and remove it, if so.
  • Irrelevant keywords, little content or less original content, hidden texts or links are primarily looked after. so that the Webmaster can be avoided from penalty
  • Try to fix any broken links where you find the “404 error”. It not only showcases the broken links but also the pages to which they are linked