Latest Google Update - Length of Meta Description

Posted on 04th Jan 2018 11:40 AM

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What is Meta Description?

Meta Description is html attributes that provides the summary of the content. Meta description
is the short summary shown as snippet by Google in SERP. If content is understood, related to subject matter and attracted then user will directly click on to it to read furtherly. Usually it is written as 
Make sure each and every page contains simplified meta description which must be appealing and compelling for the readers to click on the website. It is not one of the ranking factor but indirectly is the factor, as it generates click through ratio(CTR), the ranking increases directly in SERP. To view the meta description of any page just right click on your mouse, a pop up appears select view source 

Points to remember to write a meta description

Never ever try to write description with double quotation as it is itself in html attributes, Google may cut off the description with quotation marks
Make it a point to include focus keyword and keyword 
Bolded keywords has to be highlighted , so as to attract readers instantly
Give a reason for users to read your site, invite with options in active voice like click here, take a look, take a brief look etc., 

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How long should be meta description ?

The length of meta description was from 50 to 156 characters, but in December 2017, Google has announced that it has increased limit from 156 to 300. 
If we take wordpress plugin like yoast, meta description is limiting from 150 - 155 characters, then what about 300 characters.
But wait a second, what about large sites like wikipedia by Google, do they have meta description, certainly not but still find way to land in SERP. but how?
It is also seen that many of top seo blogs uses meta description only for their home page but not for other blogs. 
Coming to 2018, there are improvisations seen, well right from November 2017, many bloggers have opted of extending the characters upto 300. In some cases Google is itself is cutting off long description and shortening with relative subject and showing it as snippet. If Google is not finding the relative content in the description, then it chooses the content from the blog and showcases as snippets. Though Google has extended the snippet length, there is a chance to chop off the content if it exceeds the length or irrelative content, so try to move the focus keyword and keywords at the beginning of the meta description

We does not know for how many days it may last for, its just an experiment but the results are incomparable

Many of the big seos have made changes and the result is negative, due to long 300 metadescription. The reason is as the user is used to read the cut short summary in 2 lines and if he get to read more than 3 lines then there is possibility, that he might click onto next site for shorter snippet. What you can add in 300 long meta description,  date of publishing, brand name, keyword, focus keyword and relative stuff. Make sure not more than 2 keywords are included as you may land in spammy or penalizing

Well it’s always advisable, to see the impact on changing the length of meta description, whether it is positive or negative

Try to experiment your own website with little changes in snippets, as no one wants their traffic to go down.