What is Domain authority and How to Increase D.A Ranking

Posted on 13th Dec 2017 10:30 AM

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Domain authority is the ranking score of a website. It ranges from 1 -100, 1 the worst and 100 as the best. The high the number, the higher is the rank. It predicts how well the website is working and ranking in SERP. It is commonly seen that, the start up websites or small business has low domain authority score. Why is that so? It is because of low inbound links, rate of high spam, lack of quality backlinks, etc.,
Page rank authority : Page rank tool has the ability to measure each page of website. But this was stopped by Google in 2014. 
A web tool called moz created the new domain authority for ranking score of websites. But moz is not the only depending factor for ranking score of a website
When compared to Google, MOZ does not possess that much data, as that of Google and gives ranking only to that data which it has.
 moz Domain Authority doesn’t consider Google penalties and rank the website excluding penalties, but according to Google, the more the penalties, the low the ranking. 
So, are the penalties overlooked by moz?
Moz takes about 40 metrics for ranking a website, but for Google there are more than 200 ranking factors.
It’s quite easy to improve score of Domain Authority from 20 - 30, but from 70 - 80, is the most difficult task.

How to find out Domain Authority of your website ?

Enter your website url to moz open site explorer

How to increase your Domain Authority ranking score?

Moz is not made by Google, but yet many webmasters consider moz as the leading one and follow it accordingly.
Strong Link profile : Links, links and links. The more the number of quality links to your website, the more scope of Domain Authority for the ranking.
  • What is a link profile?
A website is said to have strong link profile,
  • Which has incoming links from quality sites (google.com), 
  • No spam/bad links,
  • Links from relative website.
Remove bad links : A website provider has to remove the bad links by using a tool like moz explorer or semrush or just add rel=”no follow” tag to that link. Even by using disavow links tool page from search console, also it can be done
Gaining good links : The most toughest part in doing seo is gaining good links from unique/high rated websites. This may take some time, but in this case patience works out. Website with rich, informative content automatically attracts other websites to link with, this process is called natural link building
On-page seo : On-page seo factors does make a lot of difference in getting high Domain Authority score.
  • Proper keywords but no keyword stuffing
  • Optimised title and description
  • Appropriate placements of h1, h2 tags
  • Rich quality content with videos and images
Technicalities of seo: The technical issue of seo is checked every time the website is made/undergone any changes
  • Optimize xml sitemaps and submit to google
  • Use of robots.txt in the best way giving instruction to allow or disallow within crawling budget
  • A proper bread crumb menu in all the pages in the websites
A mobile-friendly website : Yes, that’s true. Mobile-friendly website is what a user opting for. Because a visitor firstly checks from mobile and then moves to desktop, so, if user finds it mobile friendly then only he moves to desktop. In a recent study, it was found that over 60% of visitors first start their search by using mobile phones
Page loading speed : It was found that none of the users wait for more than 4 seconds for a website to load. 2 seconds is the limit and ranking factor also. The faster the page load speed, the better is the user experience, and double are the chances for the user to visit website again
 Domain Authority score is just a prediction for your website but not the ultimate judgement. Try for the influencing factors which helps in increasing the Domain Authority ranking score