Latest PHP interview technical Questions - 2018

Posted on 29th Dec 2017 04:01 PM

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What is AJAX ?
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a new technique for creating more interactive web applications with HTML, CSS, Javascript. This technique allows updating of web page, without reloading of whole page. Web applications send information to and from the server using synchronous requests. That means when you hit on submit, a new page is directed, from server, and user would ever come to know that something has even transmitted to the server
What is the difference between sql and mysql ?
Sql is the structured query language for accessing and manipulating data in relational database management system. Mysql is the open source relational database management system like oracle, sql server, etc., it allows maintaining 2 or more database at the same time. 
List out the pre-defined classes in PHP ?
What is the job of a php developer ?
A php developer develops websites and writes program with server side scripting language called php. Developer codes the functionality, develops backend components, connects application with third party web services. They are also required to integrate plugins for popular framework. They often work with UI & UX designers for solid frontend and backend functionality  
What do you understand about MVC in PHP ?
MVC is the Model View Controller. It is the architecture build on the idea of logic of an application is separated from presentation. The mvc architecture allows the frontend and backend developers  to work at same time on same system without interference.
M-model is to what is the information in the application
V- view is to visual representation and data entered in application
C- controller is how to and in which way read the data in application
What are the functions to get images of size, width and height ?
For size of image getimagesize ()
For width of image Imagesx ()
For height of image Imagesy ()
How would you see all the tables in a database ?
mysql> use db_name; show tables;
Define Explode in PHP
PHP explode() function breaks string into array.  Each of which is a substring of string formed by splitting it on boundaries formed by string delimeter
Array explode ( string $delimiter , string $string [, int $limit = PHP_INT_MAX ] )
How to strip whitespace from a string ?
trim() function to remove whitespace from a string
What is the use of rand() function in PHP ?
To generate random numbers
What is the attribute used for uploading files ?
 enctype = “multipart/form-data” at the time of uploading files.
What is htmlentities in php ?
The htmlentities() function is used to convert all applicable characters to HTML entities
htmlentities(input_string, quote_style, charset, double_encode )
What are superglobal variables in php ?
Superglobals are the variables which are accessible from any function, class or file without having to do anything special
What are the uses of php ?
  • Performs system functions like creating, opening, reading from, writing to, closing the files, create directories, execute system commands
  • Saving the data in a file, returning manipulated data to the user and gather data from forms.
  • Access database, create web interface for adding, deleting and modifying elements within database, with php code
  • Setting cookies, access the stored cookie variables
  • Start sessions and use session variables with php code
What are the different functions in sorting an array ?