Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

Posted on 18th Nov 2017 01:01 PM

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SEO is not the one day effort where we get results instantly. It has to be improvised and optimised daily either with title, tags, keywords. As Google made 200 ranking factors, webmasters find it quite difficult to get the higher ranking in SERP. There are different techniques to approach in different ways. Some are positive following the webmasters tools guidelines, while other choose the opposite track. If opted for the opposite track, that would lasts  for a shorter period in ranking in SERP, but fails and sometimes leads to banning of sites if used otherwise. This might be due to the competition in the market, pressure by the clients for higher rankings, targets by customers to make their website reachable to maximum number of people.

What is a Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat seo, also called as spamdexing seo/unethical seo, uses the techniques and tactics against the policies of Google webmasters guidelines. Often shortcuts and wrong methods are used in Black Hat seo.
Hidden text, unrelated keywords to a web page, stuffing of more keywords, changing the webpage after being ranked by SERP, blog comment spam, bulk backlinks, link farming, trackback spam are some of the examples of Black Hat seo
Penguin and Panda are effectively optimised by Google in the recent years to remove such type of web pages from ranking higher. Usually if webmasters uses the Black Hat Seo, it may lead to banning of their websites also. With the Black Hat techniques and tactics there is increase of page ranking instantly, but often leads to banning of site from search engine.

Black hat techniques 

  1. Endorsing/purchasing links from cheap and low quality sites
  2. Initiating doorway pages that gives different pages to readers and search engines as well
  3. Hiding text or links at the bottom of the page with the same background colour
  4. Offering paid links from other sites, without knowing what type of links may harm your site.

What is white hat seo?

White Hat seo is also called as ethical seo follows the rules and policies, tactics and techniques of search engine, which mainly focuses on human audiences. It thoroughly follows the guidelines of Google webmaster tools keeping in view of the humans to understand and Google Spiders to crawl and index easily
White hat seo uses the most relevant keywords in h1, h2 tags, title, proper link building, backlinking and appropriate optimisation of keywords stuffing in the page. White hat does not instantly gives the result, but in the long run definitely rewarded by Google. It uses the target keywords in the anchor text of external links

White hat techniques

  1. Multiple users with different combination of keywords and all pointing back to main site
  2. Using hyphens in urls is also one of the best ways in optimising keywords by not only having business but also promoting the brand as well. 
  3. Html restructuring and optimisation, manual research for high quality content and keyword analysis. 
  4. Make sure that “no-follow” tags are used, so that user must be clearly and aware that it is a paid link or advertisement.
  5. Inclusion of keywords naturally in links, anchor texts, page titles and headings as well
  6. “Content is the king”, creating quality content without duplication, will attract maximum traffic to the website
  7. A site shouldn’t be limited to content but with all the multimedia aspects to be taken into consideration. This is the perfect white hat technique