Latest SEO update 2015 - Check Your Website Mobile Friendly or Not

Posted on 03rd Apr 2015 12:00 AM

What is latest GOOGLE  SEO update of  2015 .. Check your website mobile friendly or not..

Now-a-day every website owner or online business people are cleanly observing the google updates, because if your website is not friendly to seo update, the traffic will decline and your google rank will drop out automatically.

In the recent days the rumors circulated rapidly of a new Google update. Many webmasters have seen ranking fluctuations, but so far Google has not provided any detailed information or official update.
Google want to give friendly search engine for viewers, for that it focus deeply to fulfil their requirements.

When the google introduced one major SEO update, that means  it’s not end of the update or it’s a complete update. Every major update change frequently with unnamed updates. So every marketing analyst should observe and notice the unnamed update, if their website requires any minor or major changes they should do immediately within short period.

Effect of search results of 'and' or 'with' brand name

Google tries to clean-up brand searches, in this cleanup process  the exact brand name will come first , In the beginning  i.e., before change One interesting observation was for search results for brand.

keywords with typos, like “ssamsug” or “ssamssug“., mostly price comparison sites, shops and small ad sites ranked first. that means before the brand one.

Ex: if you type ssamsug for search the samsung mobile brand

Before update you will not get samsang brand first. the related spelling like ssamsug, sammsug, samsugg these keyword websites come first.

But now if entered related any spelling like “ssamsug” or “ssamssug“  the  google  give
 "Did you mean: samsung"
Showing results for samsung
Search instead for ssamsung

The brand cleaning up process is benefit for correct brand searches smaller providers gained positions.

One more unnamed update..... Check your website mobile friendly or not

Finally it has started adding the 'mobile friendly' icons to mobile search results to indicate to users where they might find a better mobile experience. Now focused e-commerce update to a mobile usability update. But Google did not officially confirm an update.

Google wants to send users (both mobile and desktop) to a page that will provide the best possible experience.

How will I know if I have been affected?
This time around Google is on a mission to let webmasters know about issues ahead of time, if they think your site can be better optimised they will let you know via a webmaster tools message. You can check for issues in webmaster tools by going to Search Traffic > Mobile Usability.

Alternatively, you get can test individual pages using Google’s mobile friendly page speed tool:

What we do now.....

  • One area to pay attention to is that providing a good mobile experience does not mean simply having a website that displays well on a mobile device;
  • You should also pay attention to the fact that mobile users might be looking for something different from your website than a desktop searcher.
  • When viewing your site on mobile you should not have to scroll right until you’ve zoomed.
  • Google recommends a fond size of 16px. Anything below this they will consider too small.
  • Flash should be avoid. Most mobile browsers do not render Flash-based content.