Posted on 16th May 2013 01:44 PM

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PHP Programmer should learn SEO basics

Who should learn SEO Basics - 'Web Developer' ?

If you ask why...here the brief explanation for you

Most of Web developers smart in their work and they are ability to learn complicated programming languages and theories. if he want to become friendly and genuine web developer to their clients he should need to know basic SEO steps also. Knowing even few SEO (search engine optimization) basics makes for a much stronger, well rounded web developer.

Every web developer should know.. these simple basic seo guidelines... A unique URL. and it should be friendly and simple, logical and keyword-rich.
for e.g. http://www.imatrixsolutions.com/portfolio. this type of domain users will find easier to remember.
not www.imatrixsolutions.com/post-id?=14537 .This isn’t just good for search engines, .

The head tag h1 tag, this tag should only be used once on the page, but we can use other sub title tags like h2, h3...... on same page


A unique Title Tag and Meta Description. These should be easy to edit by hand, but for large ecommerce sites writing from scratch is likely to be unpractical. In these situations, you may need to develop an automated system for generating unique and keyword-rich Titles and Descriptions for every page.

All images need ALT Text. Not only is this important for search engines, but also it is vital for accessibility, as the ALT Text is used by screen readers.

XML Sitemaps Improve Indexing (Not having an XML Sitemap will not harm your website)

use to improve the indexing of your website. One of the easiest by far is to install an XML Sitemap that updates automatically, and ensure that you use a robots.txt file that points to the location of your sitemap.
Not having an XML Sitemap will not harm your website, but these can be directly submitted to search engines like Google and Bing to help them find and index every page on your website.

Robots.txt configuration......

Having a robots.txt file with the right configuration is vital for the search engines crawling your websites. Web developers may use the robots.txt file to block web crawlers from certain parts of their website. ex. login page

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