PHP is fastest growing technology in the market of web.....?

Posted on 16th May 2013 01:18 PM

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PHP is most developed web development language

Web developers prefer using PHP over other Programming Languages:

Why is PHP so Heavily Used by Today’s Developers?

In a popular commercial, a German coast guard official is at his desk while an English voice comes over the radio. “We’re sinking! We’re sinking!” they shout, to which the German replies, “What are you sinking about?” The screen then shows information about how to learn English.

There are varieties of different languages and dialects which can cause confusion in the communication. The same is true of the programming world, where multiple scripting languages can also hinder communication. Recently, it appears as though a growing number of developers have been using PHP to code their sites and web applications. In this article we are going to discuss why many developers embrace PHP and how it affects our Internet browsing experience.


Firsty It is an open source technology. So you need not to buy any license.
PHP Community is very vast. One can easily get solutions of their problem over the Internet.
Most FAQ about PHP…Is it Secured?Yes,It is.It is secured and time to time securing updates are added and bugs are being removed.
It Can connect to any of the DBMS.. It can be MySQL,Oracle,SQL Server or Access..But PHP+MySQL is cross platform. So Most Coders use MySQL.
One of the Biggest Advantage of PHP is that it has various CMS’s Like Joomla,Drupal,Wordpress etc, Frameworks like CodeIgniter,CakePHP,Zend,Yii etc.,Shopping carts like Magento,Zencart,Opencart,Oscommerce etc. So they can be used according to the Requirements..