Google SEO updates of 2013

Posted on 21st Jun 2013 01:27 PM

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Latest SEO updates 2013 -2014

Google latest SEO updates 2013 - 2014. What does latest SEO contain?

Now-a-days every one want  to create a website for their own business or for their  personal identity. But every one want their website to appear in first page of Google search,for that, they use many SEO tips... in SEO tips many website owners use black hat techniques to be ranked first. The one who use this black hat techniques now will get disappear in Google SEO 2013  updates.

Check the BASIC STEPS for SEO purpose...

  • Create a new Google account and email address for the website.
  • Install Google analytic.
  • Install Google webmaster tools.
  • Install Bingwebmaster tools.
  • Use Xenu to find broken links.
  • Create XML sitemap and submit it to Google and Bing Webmaster tools.
  • Create Robots txt file and submit to Google and Bing Master.
  • Use Google's keyword research tool.
  • Incorporate primary key word for page URL.
  • We should use 70 characters or less for title tag.
  • We should use 156 characters or less for meta descriptions.
  • We should only H1 tag. 
  • We should use discriptive ALT tags for images.
  • We should link our internal pages SEO friendly.
  • Don't create duplicate content for our site.

Factors of SEO new updates for the year 2013 - 2014 :


1.Humanized Ranking Metrics
whatever black hat optimization tricks that are still working for some sites, they become as showpiece for that site.
Google is steadily working its way towards creating a more humanized ranking index that, in addition to reflecting other metrics which we’ll soon get to, also takes a lot of its value analysis from real time social media and human user metrics of actual popularity amongst readers.

2. Quality over Quantity
The end result is expected to be a more “real time” search results profile for queries and an increasing amount of weight given to data collected from Twitter, Facebook, other social platforms and, of course, Google’s own array of social media tools.

3. Mobile Search
The mobile browsing landscape is only continuing to grow and soon it will completely overtake conventional web search. This means that adapting to the technical and practical details of this changing environment is a crucial step for SEO conscious site owners in 2013.

4.Increasing Social Media Importance
Google and other search engines will continue to focus more on ensuring that their best ranked content is judged more by its quality, relevancy and freshness.
Based on this trend, site administrators should work towards really filling information needs with high quality posts without rushing to fill out as much new content as they can as quickly as possible.
In 2013, you will absolutely need to develop your website’s social platform presence and integration as much as possible

5. Conversion Rate Optimization
While many sites may have numerous visitors, the ones that optimize their pages for the best human engagement are those that actually get the readers not only to visit but also do things like buy products, click more links or opt in to a mailing list with their email addresses.
Since successfully doing all this is an obvious indicator that people are getting real personal value from a website, it’s very likely that Google will pay more attention to it in 2013.
For your own site, focus as much as possible on delivering high quality and getting maximal action or purchase conversion rates from whatever visitors you do have. Doing this is even more important than focusing on raw visitor numbers.