Why need SEO Friendly website

Posted on 08th Jul 2017 11:35 AM

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Nowadays everyone uses the internet to search for information about products, services, places etc., Creating a personal website is easy. You don’t need to know about web hosting, designing or programming. Website runs 24/7 without a lock, so that You can always be there for your customers. We can provide a lot of information within seconds to customers.

Is it sufficient to build a website? The simple single word answer is “NO”. All the above things are considered only, when our website reaches to more valuable customers than competitors.

In 2016-17, Google's using a machine learning technology called RankBrain to help deliver its search results. So, quality of your website is more critical than ever before. So, make a great website which fulfils the basic SEO algorithms of google to get great traffic.

SEO Friendly website means:

Website fulfils the google SEO rules in website designing and development.
Choosing of Website design must be responsive for allowing your web layout fit in different screen resolutions.
Build a mobile-friendly site to target mobile phone users, as mostly everyone uses smartphones
Recommended to avoid content management software like WordPress to build your website.

Should remember to build SEO friendly website:

  • Build your website with basic Google SEO recommended updates
  • For a SEO friendly website, we should choose web development team from whom we get responsive design and SEO services for the website.
  • SEO Friendly website need best web development team i.e.web designer and web developer, as they work in different positions to create attractive and proper functioning of website to achieve same goal.
  • Build your website with basic Google SEO recommended updates
  • Recommended to Build a mobile-friendly site, choose responsive web design
  • Recommended to avoid flash design.

What will web development team do for SEO Friendly website?

  • Websites with attractive design will get good traffic when they first go live
  • Relevant images will be used to avoid google penalty for deceptive images
  • Use good contrast between the font colour and background
  • Avoid fold content and small fonts
  • Avoid flash images, crowded pop-ups
  • Choose a colour scheme with the overall topic of your site
  • h1 title for every page (the main visible page title)
  • Sufficiently flexible design to allow to write as much content as they want for each page
  • Design your site as Being mobile friendly.
  • Check the Site speed (The faster your site is, the better your user-experience)
  • Valuable Footer links

Why need SEO Friendly website:

  • Avoid your site from google penalty
  • You set your website apart from the competitors
  • Strong impact on users in the coming year
  • Get good traffic from smart phones.