PHP Programmer should learn SEO basics

Who should learn SEO Basics - 'Web Developer' ? If you ask the brief explanation for you Most of Web developers smart in their work and they are ability to learn complicated programming languages and theories. if he want to become friendly and genuine web developer to their clients he should need to know basic SEO steps also. Knowing even few SEO (search engine... more

  • Posted on 16th May 2013 01:44 PM
PHP interview questions

Questions asked in interview for PHP job in year 2014: Here are very common questions that every fresher PHP programmer is expected to know. * What is the difference between include and require ? * What is the difference between $var and $$var ? * If a form does not have submit button, how do you submit a form ? * What is the difference between a framework, IDE, CMS, Blog ? * Write a function... more

  • Posted on 16th May 2013 01:31 PM
PHP is most developed web development language

Web developers prefer using PHP over other Programming Languages: Why is PHP so Heavily Used by Today’s Developers? In a popular commercial, a German coast guard official is at his desk while an English voice comes over the radio. “We’re sinking! We’re sinking!” they shout, to which the German replies, “What are you sinking about?” The screen then shows... more

  • Posted on 16th May 2013 01:18 PM
choose PHP over .net

PHP is Best Web development Language PHP and .NET are used to create dynamic web pages connected with databases. The more appropriate term for .NET would be ASP.NET because the .NET framework supports other programming suites which have no similarity with PHP and hence no competition. We will be referring ASP.NET simply as .NET. Starting with the ease of programming, .NET is the clear winner.... more

  • Posted on 16th May 2013 01:10 PM
redesigning of your website

When we need, why we need our Website to Redesign: Is the website attractive enough to grab visitor attention? Attractiveness on a website is more than it having a pretty layout. When a visitor finds a use for a website and a reason to continue visiting it, then he or she will bookmark the website and go back to it, perhaps on a regular basis. All dat is fine but the question is when we need,... more

  • Posted on 16th May 2013 01:05 PM