Latest SEO updates: users friendly Hummingbird...

Posted on 18th Oct 2013 05:55 PM

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Latest SEO updates: user's friendly Hummingbird...

Whats new in SEO ...
Hummingbird is an entirely new algorithm. According to Google they named it Hummingbird because this new algorithm is “precise and fast”. Here we discuss more about latest SEO updates - users friendly Hummingbird update.

Penguin and Panda do not replace Hummingbird.

  • PandaCheck your website content quality.
  • Penguin : Check your website links quality
  • Hummingbird : Is a search engine algorithm.

Latest SEO updates: Hummingbird
Hummingbird, unlike previous updates of Panda and Penguin, is not about penalizing websites. Rather, this algorithm Google’s attempt to improve search results using a more complex and robust understanding of human language.
In particular, Hummingbird attempts to understand conversational language better than it did in the past. the new update of humming bird is user friendly update. for example....Previously, a search for " web designing company near Dilsukh Nagar, in Hyderabad" would attempt to match keywords "web design" and "company." If there were a shop or institute called "DILSUKH," it would most likely choose that as the best listing regardless of the company being located thousands of miles away from hyderabad or dilsukhnagar.


The  hummingbird algorithm reduces the search engine’s dependence on “keywords”. So now the humming bird algorithm is going to look for the meaning — the context — of the words in a search, and their relationship to each other

Humming bird updates give preference to human intentions:
When humans speak, we understand the intentions behind the words people use. Accordingly, Google has invented and implemented what it calls "Knowledge Graph," which is based on the idea of better understanding searches and providing better data in a more readily available format.

For example, if you were to search for "museums in Hyderabad" before the Hummingbird update, you would get your normal list of paid and organic listings. Now, the same search returns a horizontal bar featuring 10 images that link directly to museums in Hyderabad.

According to the results page, those are the results that are "frequently mentioned on the Web." And peering through the results, you can see that the sites they've returned are highly accurate. More important, they appear above both the paid listings and the organic listings

Worried with hummingbird
If  your website was ranking very  high compared to your local competitors. Then suddenly one day  you shout "WHAT HAPPENED TO  MY TOP RANK..." why my rankings shift to low level, It will happen because of new changes in Hummingbird your SEO strategy is become outdated now.That means you could lose 90% of the keywords you once ranked strongly on loose in short period

Now you should rectify your site and follow the Google new updates of SEO i.e Humming bird updates.

Provide Relevant content
By October 2014, If you want your website should relevant to Google search. you should give fresh content should published in blog format on regular basis.
Ex:If some one search for  website designing. the Google assumes, the right web designing company that has the most engaged content of "web designing "(It will possible blog-style posts published consistently) material that gets clicked.

Challenges for all
Now its a challenge for all.. you should prove your special qualities and how you provide services better than your compitators.The users need to know how your products or services fit into their lives and how you’re different from the other. Now we should focus heavily on generating great content and building a user-friendly experience across all platforms (mobile, tablet and desktop).
Ex: for all bank sites online banking is main key word - all banks provide services,investments. But now they should provide "how they give more security, whats their best quality, the best benefits for investments, how they different from the other. They should give genuine information to user. 

Creating Compelling Content
In Google’s eyes, it’s not about money; it’s about making connections and building relationships. Your content must appeal to people on an emotional level and across all platforms. It can be funny, touching, happy, provocative, thought provoking, inquisitive or even silly. However, the one thing it cannot be is ordinary.

keep in mind...
Implement changes at your website, always keep this in mind  many companies have fallen by refused to keep up with technology. You always keep SEO updates in mind and go through regular posts, relevant key words and relevant content and build the distribution system around Facebook ads, Twitter ads, display ads, re targeting/re marketing, regular posts, original tweets and organic search result 

How you go Top.....
Always post fresh content for distribution. Whether the content is paid or organic, it must appeal to the human, emotional side.That means users shouldn't like to see dry content or services page of you, they like to see something new!  People don’t want to see electronic versions of billboards on their computer screens or mobile devices

According to SEO Guru..
"Their goal should be really to be make a fantastic website that people love and tell their friends about and link to and want to experience. As a result your website starts to become stronger stronger in rankings. "
- Matt Cutts
Head of Google's web-spam team